First Valentine's Day Gift for Daddy


A super cute first Valentine's Day Personalised Baby Grow for daddy (well, really for your little one to wear for their dad!). A Valentine's gift for a baby given with plenty love!

How sweet is it for a little one to give their daddy a Valentine's Day present? A very lovely sentiment is featured on this Valentine's Day babygrow. 'Daddy' is inside the red heart with 'be my valentine' written above. No mum will be able to refuse this lovely request from their little one? Quite a little heart stealer!

And, if you love this design so much, you'll find this cute baby grow has a matching bib complete with the image printed on to both.

Things you need to know

  • Baby grows are available in grey and white in size 0-3 and 3-6 months
  • Baby grows are 100% cotton (and manufactured in the UK)
  • To keep your baby grow looking good machine wash at 30 degrees and tumble dry at low temperatures and iron on the reverse

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