We'd LOVE you to take part in our #positivelyinspiring15 Instagram Challenge!

Scamp instagram challenge #positivelyinspiring15Scamp is all about championing the power of positivity and using empowering words and messages so we couldn't let World Positivity Day go by on 13th September without getting involved!  On that day we start our 15 day #positivelyinspiring15 insta challenge.

15 unique prompts to inspire you to post positive, empowering, happy, creative images and words that you think reflect them.

To help with ideas for content for each of the prompts we've got a few emails scheduled to be sent out a little in advance of each of the days (not too many we promise!).  You can sign up using this link to get them.

Here's to having more positively inspiring images and words filling your instagram squares this September!        

And finally, a few downloads that will help you on your way :)

Download some extra information about the days and prompts here.

Download a couple of Random Act of Kindness Note to cut out for Day 6 here.

Download two of our Kindful Cards to help with Day 11 here.


👇🏻A Gallery of some of the most recent #POSITIVELYINSPIRING15 posts👇🏻