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If you have followed us for a while you will know we are huge fans of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls at Scamp Studios. Imagine our excitement when we were  contacted by Penguin Press to ask us if we would take part in their #WritetoaRebel social media campaign to launch their gorgeous new set of postcards.

frida kahlo

From Malala and Michelle Obama to Ada Lovelace and Zaha Hadid, this set of beautifully designed postcards celebrates some of the most remarkable women featured in Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. With a short bio on each card and inspiring quotes, this is a perfect gift for all the rebels in your life. 

For the campaign we were asked to right to a women you are inspired by or aspire to be like it. It could be anyone from a family member to celebrity or someone from the pack. 

I asked my two girls to take part and you may be able to guess who they chose if you listened to their bedtime stories on our Facebook page for National Story Month in May. 

Yep, you got it. Poppy chose the colourful and unapologetic Frida Kahlo and Mia, of course picked her hero, her true inspiration -the sensational gymnast Simone Biles. 

Here is what they wrote to them 

Poppy Harrison, age 11

To Frida, 

You have inspired me to do many thnigs: to be yourself, to not give up and to stay brave and strong. You have shown me that no matter what happens that you need to keep trying and do what you love!! Poppy xox

frida kahlo #WritetoaRebel

Mia Harrison, age 9

To Simone,

I am Mia and you inspired me to love gym. It's very fun and I recently won 4 gold medals in a gymnastics competition. You are amazing gymnast and you move so gracefully across the floor. I'd love to see you in person. Love Mia xxx

Simone Biles #WritetoaRebel

I love that these stories have genuinely inspired my girls and thousands of other children to dream big and reach high. If you don't know what's on offer you don't know you can go out and be it or do it and these postcards and the book show young kids there are no boundaries. The postcards are of really high quality, equally as special as the book and would look stunning in a little gallery collection on a wall or kept on a bedside in the stunning presentation case. 

If you would like to listen to the stories of Frida Kahlo and Simone Biles here are the links to our Facebook posts

Poppy reading Frida Kahlo's story and Mia reading Simone Biles' story

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