Why we removed half of the products from our website.

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After a few months of feeling a little downbeat about our business and not really being sure why, we finally twigged that there was a disconnect between the message we were trying to get out to the outside world and all the different products we were selling on our website. The mix of laser cut wooden gifts alongside our range of positive message sweatshirts, t-shirts and accessories just didn’t have the same purpose. 

wooden bird family treewomen and kids sweatshirtpositive message t shirt designs

It dawned on us that the laser cut products were ‘noise’ and distracting us from our main goal. And if the website and product offering on there was confusing to us then we reckoned it must be confusing to you. The time and effort it was taking to design, produce and market these products was taking us away from concentrating on all the products you love the most.

Our enthusiasm lies in helping promote self confidence and self esteem to encourage us all to think more positively about ourselves. We have always created products based around our families and as our children are getting older and starting to experience more difficult and sometimes stressful situations, which I am sure some of you can relate to, it felt right to create some bright and positive products to help them build up their resilience and self confidence.  

The products that no longer fitted with this ethos have been removed and we think make the website easier to navigate and understand. You can now search by product type or by recipient making it much easier to find the perfect confidence boosting gift for your friend, son, daughter, mum or auntie.

Now we are clear about where we are heading we can't wait for you to come along on this journey with us. If you would like to keep up to date with further news from our studio then sign up to our newsletter. Just click below 👇


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