Why Positive Thinking Matters

Being positive is an attitude and a mindset not a mood or emotion and means different things to different people. It certainly doesn't mean that life is always rosy and you never feel angry, lonely or upset.

No-one wants to immediately hear the words 'think positive' when you have lost your job or you are lying in bed with a broken leg and can't go out running or a close friend has passed away. Sadness, grief, insecurity and anger all have their place in life and it's not good or healthy to ignore these feelings and plough on through. 

Having a positive attitude means thinking something is possible. It means opening up your heart and mind. It's not always easy to obtain but a good way to start is to encourage yourself and other's around you and support the goals you each have.

A positive attitude can also involve mean being brave enough to hope, not letting fear of disappointment hold you back, and even to see challenges as opportunities.

This brings me on to our very own challenge which we are really rather scared about in case no-one takes part but with our positive attitude we are putting ourselves out there - eeek!!

It's World Positivity Day on Thursday 13th September 2018 and to mark this date we are starting our very own 15 day Instagram challenge. We are asking people to join us by filling their squares full of thoughtful, positive words and images. You can check out the images at #positivelyinspiring15

To sign up to join us you can click here for prompts


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