Why Positive Messages Are Cool

Positive slogans are all about celebrating love and being the best version of yourself. They are about empowering the future generation and celebrating womanhood. 

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Our children are growing up in the digital era but research is showing they are in an increasingly poor emotional state. "Statistically, three young people in every classroom will have a diagnosable mental health condition and one in seven young people aged 15-years-old report low life satisfaction. Mental health and behavioural difficulties that start below secondary school age can have long-lasting effects on children’s prospects in adolescence and adulthood" (published research by Place2Be)

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Scamp's positive message sweatshirts and t-shirts for children were developed to give a small reminder to the future generation that it's okay to embrace their personality and to help boost their self-esteem. Let's face it, as adults, when you wear something you love, you feel it. You might put on a dress that makes you feel super confident going in to a meeting or a coat that makes you feel 'together' and cool. Although Scamp sweatshirts are only a small contribution to a much bigger issue, clothing and positive affirmations can go a long way to helping your kids think positive thoughts. 

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The value of positivity should not be overlooked. 

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