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making a personalised baby blanket

We are often at fault of assuming that people know things about our little company Scamp, about the fact we’ve been going for 8 years, about our products, about where we work, about the fact we are sisters, about why we do things in certain ways and how we come up with out designs - we do try but we probably don’t shout loudly enough (if at all!). Note to self is we need to do more of this!

So, prompted by reading some recent instagram post about where people's products come from, I thought we should talk some more about some of our decisions. Being asked about #whomadethis means there is definitely a reason to shout about the choices we have made, the quality of our products and their provenance. When something you decide to do just seems like the right choice for what you stand for you often just do it and don’t necessarily explain it to people making the assumption they will just know it too through some kind of internet based osmosis! But, of course, unless we share why we've chosen to do things in a certain way there is a large chance you won’t know about it.

slogan sweatshirt for women

The kids and adults products have been sourced from ethical companies adhering to the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) scheme or Fairwear Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility) who scrutinise every process and supplier for sustainability. The 100% cotton baby wear and baby blankets are made by a lovely UK based family firm in the Midlands. They have all been tried and tested (printing, wearing, playing, washing, for sizing, for durability) by us and our family and friends. Nothing slips through the eagle eye the Scamp sample process!

We use PVC free vinyl meaning we can keep production in house and it also enables us not to have a stock mountain to deal with on a daily basis! We also know you love elements of personalisation and this gives us the flexibility to do it.

slogan sweatshirts for kids

We design, cut and print all of our products in our studio in Leeds and everything is made and packed by one of three of us that work at Scamp (unless there is a school holiday and you may be the lucky recipient of something a Scampette has packed for you instead!).

We minimise our use of plastic in our packaging to keep waste to a minimum.

It’s always been important to us to be as ethical as possible keeping the production in house and making considered choices based on quality, origin and not just the cost.

We are always looking at ways to improve though as we know we aren’t perfect. We really do try to do our bit and our best.

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