** Top 5 teacher gift ideas for the end of term **

Whaaaaat, how did it get to be July. That means only one thing that it is almost the end of term for the English schools. Most of our Scottish friends are probably already now having pyjama days and enjoying the lazy mornings - well for the first few days of the holidays at least!

Are you a parent that buys for your kids teachers and wonder what to get? Well looky here we have done all the hard work for you and have collated a list of teacher gifts that your kids teacher would love to own.

First up are these super cool grammar pencils from Newton and the Apple. It's always important to know your yours from your you'res don't you think.

grammar pencils

second up we have chosen this personalised mug which oozes character for those coffee and tea drinking teachers from A Few Home Truths. There are lots of ways to personalise this mug to make it look as much like your teacher as possible change the skin tone add a beard and alter the hair style amongst other things. 

a few home truths

Next, is one of our own. What better way to say thanks to your teacher than this superpower teacher tote bag. This thank you teacher gift not only looks pretty cool but is practical too. They can fill it up with marking or wine - let them decide!

thank you teacher gift tote bag

What about this wooden personalised pencil case from Mirrorin on Not on the High Street. I remember these retro style pencil cases when I was a child - do you? I am pretty sure that they would go down well as a great thank you gift for a teacher. 

wooden pencil case

The final gift on our list has to be our personalised wooden flower. This is our best selling thank you teacher gift which can now be purchased with the glass vase you see pictured making it a complete gift to give to your kids teacher at the end of term. 

personalised thank you teacher gift


Now we need a card to go with these gifts to say thank you. This one from wink-design  is really sweet and says it as it is. 

wink design card

We wish all those hard working teachers a happy and relaxing holiday. 


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