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studio help from the kids
After lots of family time  and enjoying too much 'holiday food' over the long weekend it's time to get back to it and back to Scamp towers! It's that time of the holidays where the kids have to come along to work too

These are days I enjoy and dread in equal measure. They are days where I try to be as efficient as possible so as to not be at work too long. But I love to see the gang chip in and help and they love it too .... for a while!

Mia is a do-er. She loves to help and get stuck in to a job, pretty much any job.

This is her weeding out vinyl to make one of your blanket orders. She takes a lot of care and pride in her work (she's very on-brand!) so if this comes your way she would like you to know that her hands created this with patience and a smile from us to you.


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