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As we are talking all things gratitude and kindness at the Scamp studios this week I immediately thought about sharing with you ,the very brilliant, The Happy Self Journal.

My girls were gifted these journals last year by Francesca who is the founder of The Happy Self Journal. She wanted to give her kids a simple journal which incorporated mindfulness and gratitude practice to improve their wellbeing. She couldn’t find what she wanted, so set out to make something herself. It is a beautifully illustrated journal, equally suited to boys and girls, with plenty of variety to keep kids engaged, all the while developing important habits that will set them up for life.

child holding happy self journal

The recommended age range for the journal is 6 to 12 (mine were aged 9 and 11). You fill in a page a day that takes just a few minutes to complete. The journal has been designed to have little writing and there is plenty of space for different handwriting styles or drawing. You are asked to note down three good things that happened in your day and then tick off any extras that you may have done such as ' I was a good friend', 'I tried something new', 'I didn't have any screen time'. There are also some other really lovely pages where you can jot down things about your character and activities you enjoy doing. 

a filled in page of the happy self journal

We filled the journal out almost daily (with only a few exceptions) and here are two glowing reviews of the Happy Self Journal from my girls and one from me (also glowing!). 

Mia (aged 9) says,

Thank you for this journal. I liked it because it helped me finish my day on a high note. This is because it let me think positively at the end of the day. I give it a 5 star rating  

 Poppy (aged 11) says

I liked this journal because it was fun to do and it was nice to reflect on my day and all the positive things that happened. I especially liked the first few pages where you could fill out what makes you happy and what kind of personality you have! 

 My review as a parent

The Happy Self journal has been a really lovely activity to do with my children at the end of a busy day. A time to reflect on what has gone on that day which gave an 'in' to find out how they were feeling and if there were any worries. A great way of connecting with them which we all thoroughly enjoyed. The journal also allowed them to realise that the things that made them happy didn't have to be a big event but just appreciating the small things day to day, such as enjoying break time with friends, were equally as satisfying and positive as a special treat night out with the family.

Going through this process of regular journaling has given both of my girls an appetite to continue with three good things. They now enjoy drawing out their own templates and filling them in most days. You can click here for a free downloadable gratitude template to get you started.

You can find the Happy Self Journal here and if you do decide to buy as a result of this post then you can email them and you will get some extra stickers thrown in for free. Hooray!!

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