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#smallbizatoz. woops we have gotten a bit off track with posting these every fortnight. Pesky school holidays!

However, this one comes at a convenient moment whilst we are on a family holiday. Scamp is all about the family so it's about time we introduced you to the second biggest Scamp - Poppy. Pops is my eldest kiddo. She is 10 (sometimes going on 20). She is kind, creative, unnassuming, clever, a little bit moody and very definitely hangry - best not to chat to her in the mornings until some toast has passed her lips!!

P is for Poppy

This girl has taught me a lot. My first born. She was not an easy ride and continues to push buttons I never knew existed. This girl is smart and strong. Flying up the climbing wall, several chin ups on the pull up bar, runs (nearly) as fast as Usain Bolt but not only that she stands her ground. She is no walk over and does not tolerate unfairness. She believes she can achieve anything and I love that.


Here's a few questions I asked her so you can get to know her a little better.

1. What makes you happy? 

When it's a nice day and you can play outside all day

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to illustrate books and maybe write children's books too

3. What 5 words describe you best?

Clever, artistic, funny, kind, grumpy

4. Who inspires you? 

Rosa Parks - she is a female role model and I want to be like her

5. What's the scariest thing you have ever seen?

Massive cockroaches in Thailand

7. What's the most disgusting thing you have seen?

Mooshed up avocado - eugh!!

So, there you have it, life according to Popster !





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