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Since Scamp began I have worked from home alongside a part-time job. I guess I am a fairly typical mum that yearned for a work-life balance after having kids and decided to set up my own business to see if I could make it work. If you have been following our #smallbizatoz you will know our business started out with hand stitched pictures and has progressed from there. In the beginning I worked on the sofa -  we couldn't fit a kitchen table in our teeny kitchen so no kitchen table working for me. As the business has adapted and grown so has the size of the equipment I have needed in order to create the products much to my husband's despair! 

The laser cutter started off in our garage and then moved into a spare bedroom when we finally finished our extension and much to my pleasure and excitement now resides in it's new home in my studio. 

The studio is in a beautiful old building with the most amazing windows which allow the light to flood in. My biggest fear of moving to a studio space was being stuck in a room without windows or any natural light. Now, I couldn't be more pleased with how it has turned out.

studio space

(image courtesy of Teapot Records)

It is a joy to go into work although, if I am honest, was a bit strange at first. I was so used to sticking the kettle on after the school drop off, popping a load of washing in and then going upstairs to work that I forgot that I needed to be a bit more organised - make a packed lunch, bring tea bags and milk into work and remember my laptop so I can actually do any work - yes a couple of times I have got to the studio and forgotten the laptop - grrrr.

I now have a heat press and vinyl cutter which was new equipment for me to fathom and play with (Jennifer has previously been the personalised baby wear maker). I have finally got some pictures on the wall, a plant that I have managed not to kill so far and I have taken my trusty wire grid board which is my spot for all things inspiration. There is more to be done to get the whole room as I would like but it's getting there! If I am brave I might do a facebook live to show you at some point! 

grid pin board

It was a pretty stressful time getting the studio up and running. IT stuff was a nightmare, connecting equipment up to new computers and software and equipment just fried my brain, all the while, still making and dispatching orders. I won't lie, initially I did wonder if we had done the right thing. It all seemed so easy in my spare room before, however, there was no room for expansion or further growth. We couldn't have an extra pair of hands helping out from a bedroom so the move had to be made and now I am settled in there (with all techy equipment working) I am happy to go to work every day ... - it might help that the business that leases the building I work from has a little cafe which sells delicious cakes:-)


Although I do also love a day when I can work from home and still manage to sneak a load of washing on.



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