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If you have been following our #smallbizatoz you will already know that the Scamp sisters have 5 kids between us. 3 girls and 2 boys. Our range has very much grown as they have. Once upon a time Scamp started out as Scamp Baby Gifts as back in the day we only sold gifts for babies. Jennifer and I started our business because of the struggle we had to find nice items that were not either pink or blue and we felt an injection of colour and unisex clothing was required in the baby market. We still create and make baby grows and more recently personalised baby grows, and sell lots of them, but as our children have grown Scamp has too.

As we see them develop and their interests changing over time they have inspired us to create new products to keep up with them and their friends. The latest product being our ‘Here Come the Kids’ children's sweatshirt range which have been a huge hit with the tweenage community, both girls and boys. Our best selling age ranges have been 7-8 years and 9-11. We originally called this range the 'Here come the Girls' range because we were passionate about our girls having a strong voice and positive self esteem. However, after launching and receiving loads of amazing comments about our range, we also had a few people ask why they were just for girls. We had a rethink and decided that, yep we want our girls to grow up with positive attitudes, but don't we want that for our boys too? Hell yeah!

i am fierce childrens sweatshirt

So the 'Here come the Kids' range is here to stay. 

We like to think that we are helping our younger generation to grow up with a strong sense of themselves and who they are. We want our kids to be fierce and we want them to be mighty and we definitely want our young female generation to stand up and say I am smart, I am strong and I am a girl and be proud of that fact but we also want our boys to stand up and say I can and I will. Look at the most recent turn out at the polling station and the effect the younger generation had on the result. These kids sweats are great positive messages for both boys and girls and we are very much in love with them and looking at our customer reviews you are too 

"Bought this for my 12yr old who was very impressed that I had got her something "so cool"!! Great to see clothes for older girls that both child and mum love! Great quality and apparently very comfy too."

girls in positive message sweatshirts

* Shhhhhh * There are a few other products in the pipeline related to these popular sweatshirts which are top secret at the moment but all will be revealed in time. Patience, patience!!

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