I'm A Grampa, What's Your Superpower?

The Scampettes

Given that it is getting so close to Father's Day we thought as well as giving love (and some gift ideas) for all the dads out there we need to celebrate those amazing granddads too!  Scamp has created our very own 'I'm a Grandpa, What's Your Superpower?' pennant flag.  We invited an extra special guest blogger to write a post for us today ... none other than daddy Scamp himself (dad to Stacey and I!) and Grampa extraordinaire to all seven of the Scampettes!.  We thought it would be nice to ask him what he enjoys about being a grampa ... and here's what he said!

Gramps Father's Day Gift

A Half Term photo with 4/7ths of the Scampettes!

'Being a grampa keeps you in touch with the younger generation. It’s a privilege and an opportunity to share their endless enthusiasm and energy. It’s a challenge which stretches your boundaries as you are jolted out of your comfort zone. Watching them grow and develop individually is a great tonic. The very thought that you can influence them in some way or other is quite a responsibility. On a lighter side they enjoy nonsense, fun, games and hopefully my company as I regress back to my youth. Interacting with each child differently according to their personalities and interests helps develop a lasting bond. Just being with them and enjoying their company is very satisfying. Pat and I are extremely fortunate in that our daughters and husbands actively encourage grandparent involvement. The real test is keeping the kids enthusiastically onside showing pleasure at seeing us - after all what have we done to deserve them??'

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