How Reviews Can Help A Small Business

Word of mouth or social proof has always been a key to success in business. Today that involves online reviews.

We recently received an order based on this review below. I know because the customer told me. 

"Great Product, great service
Bought for my fabulous fierce 6 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. 
Product quality is fantastic and it was delivered promptly. 
We will be buying again."

The customer had never heard of Scamp but had seen our products pop up on social media. She made her decision to purchase from us because she was able to put her trust in the above customer review.🌟

As a small business, reviews are so important. It's like word of mouth. If a previous customer says we produce fantastic quality garments and provide a great service then this makes a huge difference to someone just thinking about buying from us to actually buying from us. 😄 In fact  84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Wow. That makes a massive difference to a small indie business that people may not know much about. 

I created this infographic based on information from a couple of different small business blogs. When these facts are written down it's easy to see why reviews make a difference to customers. I do it myself - scroll through umpteen reviews just to check if the product is worth the money, good quality and if the item arrived and it didn't work or fit what was the customer service like.

It all matters because, if you are a first time customer to that business, ultimately you are putting your faith into the unknown. With reviews though that really changes. 

infograqphic on how reviews help small businesssi

My request to you today is if you have ever bought anything from Scamp to please spare us just 30 seconds of your time to pop to the website and leave a review. Every review is hugely appreciated and really makes an actual difference.

Just pop to the product you purchased, scroll to the bottom and on the bottom right of the product description is a Write a Review button. Just a few words is all it takes.

Simples! Thank you, thank you, thank you x

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