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Scamp sweatshirts for kids

Look what we can do with our lovely (H is for) Heat Press!!

Now that may not sound the most exciting of titles but buying the heat press in 2016 has been the biggest game changer in Scamp's business since we got our laser cutter ... how we love our bits of studio kit!  We've now had a year of working out what new products we can design and make and have a cool collection of personalised baby wear and kids sweatshirts that we are able to create using it.  Yay!

vinyl colours

And new this year is that we've started designing some cool little gift bags, wedding favours and a small range of tote bag ... starting with our Teacher Superpower one. :)

I'm even a little bit partial to teaching the littlest Scampettes (in this case my nieces!) how they can create their own designs and pop them onto sweatshirts or other products too.  We had some school holiday fun recently with my sister and kids ...  Maeve is a bit of an Octanauts lover (can you tell by her choice of design!) so she could become one of the underwater gang!

Heat Press in full flow!

And not to be outdone, my own eldest Scampette had a 'heat press' birthday party recently (well she and her friends designed and I heat pressed to be more precise!) ... I'd collected lots of scrap vinyl and printed out designs and stencils for her friends to use to create their wearable masterpieces..  An amazing array of sweatshirts and pencil cases were produced by Ava and her friends at the end of the afternoon.

sweatshirt design



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