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Scamp began when our children were very little (one not even born). We struggled to find brightly coloured unisex baby wear so we created our own. Now our children are getting older we have decided to add to our personalised baby grow collections and start producing sweatshirts for kids aged 3 up to 10. 

These are not just any old sweatshirts. They are made from 85% organic cotton and all the processes involved to get to the end result use sustainable methods. We are super excited that the first range we are launching is a range of empowering sweatshirts for girls. 

girl hero children's sweatshirt

The inspiration behind this range, as always, started with our very own family. Three out of five of our little Scamps are girls and sadly it remains evident in so much of our world that girls and women are still judged on their looks rather than their attributes. This is worrying and makes me sad and cross in equal measures. Don't get me wrong it was the same when we were growing up and we managed to negotiate our way through the judgements and self doubt but it seems somehow more prevalent due to the influence of social media, which was not around in our day, (thank goodness). Everyone looks perfect on their Instagram feed, they eat the perfect balanced meals and their selfies are literally spotless. Of course, as adults, we know a lot of this is staged and photo shopped beauty in magazines is everywhere but for tween/teenagers this is what a lot aspire to.

Our new range of Go Girl sweats are made to show our girls, your girls, every girl that there is more to them than looks and beauty. My girls are physically strong, they can boulder to the top of climbing walls like monkey spiders and they can do pull ups on a pull up bar many more times than I can but we need all our girls to be mentally strong and confident; allow them all to believe in themselves and believe they can achieve anything. Let's tell all our girls they are pretty bloody awesome not just pretty. 

i am strong girl hero sweatshirt

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