5 Original Independent Gender Neutral Brands You Will Love.

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Gender neutral has become a bit of an emotive word. Some staunchly on the side of girls should wear pink and princesses and boys be in dinosaur designs in blue and others in the just-wear-what’s-comfortable camp regardless of the colour or pattern on the clothes.

I find it really interesting that a number of small independent businesses, compared to large high street stores, were creating gender neutral clothing way before before it became a buzz word. Is this because creatives, like ourselves, felt stifled by the limited choice of patterns or colours for boys and girls in the shops when shopping for our babies or kids and decided to create our own? That’s exactly how we started out our business almost 8 years ago. Now the high street have finally realised that customers are looking for more, the likes of, John Lewis, River Island and Mothercare are all offering  gender neutral ranges too.

john lewis gender neutral clothing

We thought it would be great to showcase some of the original independent gender neutral kids brands that we love so you can go and check them out too.

First up, Tobias and the Bear. Gorgeous prints, designs and organic fabrics. Just devine. They set up their business back in 2013. “Bemused by the lack of comfy but cool clothes for baby boys”, Leanne and Ruth, (founders) became hooked on the idea of launching a collection of printed leggings.  They wanted to create pieces that would make like-minded parents genuinely excited to shop too. Because, of course, it wasn't just them at a loss by all the limitations out there.

tobias and the bear fox romper


Next is Indikidual, a unisex, gender-neutral kids wear brand for 0-9 year old.The quirky hand drawn prints are created by designer Syreeta Johnson and her daughter Minnie. Indikidual has always been about personality and the pieces are designed to encourage playful self-expression, spontaneity and daring to be individual.

indikidual vest top


Number three on our list is Mini Rodini. This is a Swedish children's clothing brand, created in 2006 by the illustrator and artist Cassandra Rhodin.  Mini Rodini is a tribute to all children and their imagination. Children also want clothes that suit their personality, mood and creativity. 

mini rodini

Number 4 is Tootsa McGinty. Tootsa, revealed her reason for starting the children’s clothing brand also stemmed from her frustration that there was a clear gender divide in infant wear. This motivated her to create colourful, age-appropriate, and hard-wearing clothes that kids, regardless of their sex, will enjoy wearing.

tootsa shorts

 Finally, Kith + Kin are a strictly gender-neutral shop with a focus on babywear. Their organic cotton outfits are designed with art in mind. The soft swirls and splodges of colour on neutral-coloured tees and baby grows  will definitely keep your baby both comfy and stylish.

kith and kin

Of course, Scamp are proud to also be in the gender neutral clothing crowd too. Since we started in 2010 everything we have created is bright in colour, playful in design and suitable for either sex. Our mood busting sweatshirts and t-shirts are no different. Practical, empowering and positive clothes for kids.

Be You t shirt

The unisex edge of all these brands gives the added bonus that these can be handed down to siblings or friends and allows them to be re-used and re-loved. Win!

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