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In our continued quest to bring you a bit of background to all the little elements that make up Scamp we couldn't get to the letter F without mentioning Fairs.  This is a photo of me at our first ever fair in Primrose Hill, London.  It was June 2010, Scamp (Baby Gifts as it was then) had only just begun, we made all our products either by hand stitching or machine sewing and although it was creative and fun it was quite the labour of love!  There were personalised pictures, super soft blankets, elephant mobiles, hair bands, cards, cushions and bunting in a riot of colours and styles!  I had my little helper with me (who is now 11!) and we sold a grand total of £85 worth of products.  I was very proud ... first time I'd ever done anything like that and really had no expectations of what people might buy from us but it felt like a good day.

Fairs and markets have been a big part of Scamp's development over the years.  We've travelled all around London and Yorkshire to take part in them and met so many lovely designer makers through doing them all.  We've recently moved beyond just having an occasional market stall and some of the designers I've met along the way have also become my co-pop up shop 'owners' for a week at a time over the last year!

We no longer hunt out lots of fairs all around London but tend to pick and choose a few that have been tried and tested for us.  We are much busier online than the days when we began so it can become quite difficult to do regular events as they are pretty time consuming to plan, organise and prepare for and take up precious weekend days.  We also have a lot less stock that we can sell there and then these days now that we are more focused on personalised gifts.  These days we tend to concentrate almost exclusively on markets around Christmas time finding they work best for us - including taking up a stand at Olympia for a week at the Spirit of Christmas fair but we do manage the odd one or two events scattered throughout the year.  

Writing this post and seeing these photos makes me realise how how our range and styles have evolved and developed since the Primrose Hill Fair Days!   Here are some pictures of recent fairs ... spot the difference!

scamp christmas fair

Etsy London Local Christmas Fair in Crouch End 2016

Spirit of Christmas 2016

Scamp's stand at Spirit of Christmas in 2016

Scamp pop up shop

Pop Up shop at Craft Central in March 2017


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