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So the #smallbizatoz alphabet keeps moving on and now we are at the letter E.  Seems to make sense to go back to the Early days of Scamp for this.  When we first started we were called Scamp Baby Gifts, selling mainly new baby gifts and gifts for christenings. We literally made every single product by hand.  A real labour of love that we thoroughly enjoyed doing at the time but if you added all the hours it took to produce anything we most definitely were not making money out of these products!

We sourced fabrics, cut, stitched, mounted and personalised each product, bubble wrapped, lovingly wrote everything by hand and posted these off to quite a number of customers!  It was these products that got us to the attention of notonthehighstreet and we were invited to join their platform in it's reasonably early days.  Something that has been a big factor in growing the business to the size it is now so we have a lot to thank those early products for!

Letting these products go a few years ago felt a big thing to do - they were the beginning, they sold, were popular and looked pretty - but we knew how long they took to make and we knew that we couldn't sustain a business only selling them so it became obvious it was was time to move on.  We didn't let go completely though!  We kept some of the original stitched picture ideas and turned them into screen prints.  For a couple of years our Hootie McTootie the Owl baby grow was the most popular design we sold.  Initially, we screen printed these ourselves but soon realised we were much better placed creating the designs but getting others to actually print the finished product. 

Although Scamp as it is today has moved quite far from the original concept for the business those early products definitely shaped us.  The lessons we learned from creating them, how we ran the business, the value we put on making products, the level of quality we expect of everything we now design and sell all stem from those early products and early days ... without them, we'd be nothing!



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