Book Review of The People's Award by Lily Murray

We were so excited to receive this beautiful book when it landed on the doorstep a few days ago. 

Just by looking at the cover we knew it would be right up our street. A beautifully illustrated book celebrating equality and achievements not based on sex. We have seen, and absolutely love, The Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Boys who Dare to be Different so it was really great to read the inspiring stories of both sexes in this book. 

It is a fantastic introduction to inspirational people from all periods of history and all walks of life. Each person receives an award, for example, The Most Amazing Muggle Award (J K Rowling), The Be The Change Award (Mahatma Ghandi), The Most Loved Diary Award (Anne Frank) - you get the idea!. The person has a two page spread which features a short biography of the figure awarded, an inspirational quote from the individual and brightly coloured illustrations as well as succinct, easy to read points detailing why they are deserving of the award.

the peoples award book review

There are awards for creativity, activism, invention and discovery so children can learn about all sorts of men and women who have achieved great things. Within this book there are figures who’s names will be familiar and also those who you will need to read about to find out more. The beautiful illustrations by Ana Albero bring the figures to life making it easy to capture the imagination of the children reading this.

This is such a great book to snuggle up on the sofa with, where both the reader and child, will get fully involved in each achievement attained. If you love to tell your kids that they can be anything they choose, that they need to dream big and reach high, I would highly recommend you pick up this book!

the people's award book review

But we do also have some exciting news regarding the book and a competition which will be running from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2018 ( if you are reading in the future!) You can find out more about it if you sign up to our weekly newsletter.

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