The phrase ‘children are resilient’ is often thrown around when talking about kid’s mental health. However, in the UK, 8 out of 10 primary school children suffer from low self-esteem, with over 70% of children being estimated to have some form of undiagnosed mental health issue.  Here at Scamp we are extremely proud to be supporting Place2Be’s #BeingOurselves campaign for Children’s Mental Health week in the UK, which has been taking place this week. 

 wake up be strong repeat sweatshirt

Place2Be is a national charity that supports schools and allows them to improve the confidence and wellbeing of children and young people. They provide emotional and therapeutic support to pupils, families and staff in nearly 300 schools nationwide - including Jennifer’s son’s primary school in London. 

 We will be donating 10% of profit from our kid’s sweatshirt range to Place2Be, as we do all year round. Since October 2017, you’ve helped us raise £560 for Place2Be, and we can’t thank you enough! Our sweatshirts are designed to empower kids, and as we have just a few of our own kids, we know exactly how important this is.

i can and i will

Now in its fourth year, their campaign promotes having a positive view of ourselves, which allows us to cope with life’s challenges and make better connections with others. It also ‘celebrates the unique strengths of the people around us and encourages us to work together in our schools and communities.’ 
Over on our social media we’ve been posting loads of stuff over the course of the week so if you fancy finding out exactly what we’ve been up to, go check it out: 
Twitter- @wearescamp 



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