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Yes, yes I know we missed out A but we are going to gloss over this for the moment. People always ask us why we started our business, what was our motivation, tell us a bit about yourselves so the Scamp sisters (Jennifer and Stacey) decided it was about time we did some behind the scene peaks and introductions into our family business and thought it would be more fun and perhaps a little more challenging to do in the form of an A-Z.

So B is for Burn’s Night. Unless you know us you might wonder why on earth this is relevant to us. Burn’s night has been a yearly event in our household whilst growing up. The Scamp sisters hail from Dumfries, a small town in the South West of Scotland, where Robert Burns lived on a farm after moving from his birth place of Ayrshire. Every year on 25 January (Rabbie’s birthday), Scotland raises a glass of something alcoholic in patriotic celebration of the national bard. He was a prolific poet and song writer and also had a bit of a reputation as a ladies man – naughty!

A traditional party would have poetry readings, ceilidh dancing and usually in our case a CD of piped music (sadly not the real thing) but central to the event is a hearty feast of haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties washed down with  a wee dram of whiskey. This is a tried and tested recipe with the thumbs up from us http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/haggis-neeps-tatties/

After much drinking and dancing, to bring the evening to an end everyone stands and joins hands to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. It’s always a fantastic evening of fun and friendship where there is no holding back and we all Gie it Laldy. This means to give everything you’ve got. See this and other Scottish sayings on our wooden pennant flags.

Scottish phrase pennant - Gie it Laldy

We are super proud of our Scottish roots and despite both of us having moved South of the border, Jennifer to London and Stacey to Leeds we still hold Scotland very close to our hearts. In fact, just yesterday I saw a funny Facebook post that rang true.

“A Scot isn’t someone born in Scotland. A Scot is someone in which Scotland has been born in them.” You will see lots of Scottish references in our collections of products and now you know why.

To celebrate our Scottish roots and this Burns tradition we have decided to offer you lovely people a discount of 25% off everything on our website from today (25th January) until the 31st January. Fill your boots with Scottish goodies or anything else you fancy. Visit us at www.wearescamp.co.uk

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