A Wee Bit of Wonderful - Newton and the Apple

A Wee Bit of Wonderful

We are a little (lot!) in love with Gemma and her fantastic creative business Newton and the Apple - clever product for curious people.  It's hard to find cool and unusual gifts for inquisitive people (I'm thinking of the challenge I have to buy some of the gentlemen presents in particular) and these tick so many boxes of great ideas.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the brains behind the brand ... 

Gemma from newton and the apple

Newton and the Apple studio space

Hi, I'm Gemma, the nerdy designer behind Newton and the Apple. I began this small business adventure nearly five years ago while also working away at a PhD in auditory neuroscience. Looking at sound waves all day and seeing how different they were for different voices, I was inspired to create the Personalised Sound Wave Print. I never expected the madness that followed but the idea went down a storm with customers appearing from all over the world. I quickly had to employ my younger sister to help manage the orders and soon after that I left the pursuit of a career in science to instead spend my days creating fun products for all the lovers of interesting things. 

Sound wave print

We started out in a small spare box room in my house, sitting side-by-side working at the tiniest of desks. We have moved the business five times since then as we have continually outgrown our space. Finally we have found a permanent (I hope) home in an old blind hospital in Nottingham. We are at the very top of this strange old building; it has no lift or central heating and was a bit of a stinky mess when we moved in but we've cleaned it up and really turned it into a space that we love. 

nouns pencils

Designing products for Newton and the Apple is kind of easy because we are our ideal customers. Growing up isn't really on the agenda and we are like inquisitive children interested in everything and finding inspiration everywhere: a moment lying under a sky of clear stars, a paragraph in a book about how we physically respond to love, a rainy day stuck inside wondering how things like rain or lightning actually work. We are brimming with ideas and now have a whole range of curiosities for our similarly inquisitive customers. 

Star cushion

physiological reaction card

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