A Wee Bit of Wonderful ... Natalie from Calmerrama

A Wee Bit of Wonderful

Natalie Pennicote-Collier from Calmerrama

This week in our Wee Bit of Wonderful blog series we are doing something a little differently and introducing someone who I used to work with in my BBC days. Natalie and I have both changed careers quite significantly since then but have recently found a way to work together on a project - which is so exciting! As people following the Scamp story will know we are a big advocate for Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing and give 10% of the proceeds of the sale of our sweatshirts to Place2Be. Our Kindful Cards collaboration, will also benefit the charity. Natalie's business, Calmerrama, uses mindfulness as a means of supporting children and teenagers through challenging times and we love her ethos and way of working. You can learn a bit more about what she does and her background in this interview!

  1. Me

Hello! I am Natalie aka @CalmerRamaFamily. I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Children and Teens, alongside becoming a Mindfulness Practitioner MBCT & MSC. I have my own London practice and led a Keynote at the first Mindful Living show in June last year. I am involved in supporting families & children with wellbeing, sleep, mental health, stress and anxiety. My clients range from 3 to 73!

teaching mindfulness techniques to children

Most importantly I am a grateful MOTHER to two little mindful minis, Darcy & Jude. I am passionate about supporting the next generation to lead a more Kindful Life to themselves and to each other.

I set up CalmerRama as part of my work as a Therapist & Mindcoach. For the past 5 years I have dedicated my work to supporting Children & Teens Mental health in my London Clinic mindtonictherapy.com and Mental Health Schools workshop 'CalmerRama'.

I am most interested in Human Potential and one of the best ways to empower people is to teach them modern mindfulness. Mindfulness is the art of living in the moment - a pathway to a simpler, happier and more resilient you!

Everyday I get the opportunity to really listen to children and teens and their parents...I support Families, Mamas, Children & Teens teaching them ways to manage emotional wellbeing

The levels of stress and anxiety in children is unprecedented and I do a lot of work and specialist training with YoungMinds & MSC

My mission is to share my therapy and Mindfulness wellbeing knowledge out of the clinic and into homes, schools to empower families either 1-2-1 or by Skype. I work with children, teens or families for 5 weeks to develop a Mindful Life for good. Sharing how mindfulness can change your brain and understand the most important aspect of being human - your feelings. There are so many easy tools and techniques and creative ways to cultivate better focus and calm in your life.

Be Inspired * Be braver * Be your best self * Be Kinder, naturally able to be calmer and more resourceful.

Wellbeing and mindful coach for children and teens

  1. My Mindful Life


It's so easy as parents and busy human beings to always be striving to be better and do something - ruminating in the past or predicting a future or catastrophizing of how things could be. I am all about visualisation as a hypnotherapist . But first we must be AWARE of where we are and ACCEPT ourselves without judgement.

Young children are naturally very mindful, not living in the past or future but just enjoying the present moment. 

We lose that along the way in the education system and modern society. It's never been more important to carve out some Silence, some moment of Pause in the day. No tech time and together.

These KINDFUL CARDS and the SCAMP Collaboration has been inspired by the Therapy work I do and that in my own home.

Starting my day with my own meditation, anchoring my energy in calm and good intentions. Powerful simple ways to handle the day and cultivate a strong Mindset.

The children take part and understand these Micro moments of mindfulness or pause in our day to just connect, breathe and let go of any worries help grow your Kindful power. The children and teens I work with love having this simple way of reminding them to focus on themselves.

SELF LOVE AND SELF CARE - An attitude of gratitude.

Kids are so perceptive to how we feel on the inside, our tone of language and if we are distracted. Studies show that we have to focus on 5 positive things to depower the negative. Feel those feels together, when we look back at the day the most important influence is the energy that we bring. All that matters is that we feel calm, connected and Present - in the moment!

The way we speak to our children becomes their Inner Voice.

Conscious parenting and having a really good Awareness of your own self, with compassion is simply the most beneficial skillset we can learn. My mentor, Dr Patrizia Collard, one of the first Mindfulness thought leaders here in the UK always reminds us "Mother nature designed us to survive, not necessarily to be happy" so it's important we find our own skills and techniques to handle modern life and nurture our mental health, so we don't just become another statistic.

 Calmerrama Family

  1. My Inspiration - why you’ve chosen this field of work?

Becoming a Mama changed everything for me. I really wanted to be more conscious about my choices, thoughts and feelings and be that

everyone at some point will experience a dip in their mental health and emotional wellbeing. My own journey into wellbeing and great mental health is ongoing. My son was diagnosed with x3 major spinal abnormalities at 14 months old. This shock and worry meant I had to dig deeper into Mindfulness and ways to manage this stressful family time full of uncertainty. I am a proud champion and Parent ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital, I am forever grateful to them. Jude's now post operation and we use mindfulness to manage pain, he is able to walk, ski and attend a mainstream school! He knows he has unlimited potential!

I am always learning from every child I work with, every teen in a schools workshop and every client 1-2-1. One of my clients last month was 73 years young and wanted to create a more mindful way of living to manage chronic pain and medical appointments as her health was failing. Teaching her how to meditate and using guided visualisation to reduce pain and suffering was so inspiring. She wanted to pass on her own teaching to me. She told me how her mother used to kiss her goodnight with the simple mantra and prayer "Thank you for this day together in your wonderful life, goodnight" no matter what .

Those KINDFUL words have power and she wanted to pass that on to my children. My job is to share that wisdom with you all.

It’s so important to Nurture the next generation ...and celebrate.

Be Kinder to Yourself mantra



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