A Wee Bit of Wonderful - Lizzy Chambers

A Wee Bit of Wonderful

We so happy to be sharing a week long pop up shop from 6th March with the lovely Lizzy Chambers and Samantha Morris.  You can find us at Craft Central 33-35 St John's Square, London EC1M 4DS from 6th - 12th March.

This week we thought it would be a really good idea to have 'a wee bit of wonderful' featuring one of the lovely designers that will be in the shop with us.  Here is the very talented Lizzy - maker of gorgeous jewellery. 

Lizzy Chambers

Hello my name is Elizabeth Chambers and my trading name is Lizzy Chambers. I create keepsake jewellery inspired by nature and nostalgia. I am based in Wembley in North West London where I have a studio and a garden where I grow some of my flowers for my jewellery.

I specialise in using British grown flowers that either come from my garden or a British farm, which are dried and preserved.

Lizzy Chambers Flowers

I originally graduated in Law but art/design and plants were my true passion. I took evening classes and poured through many a book, where I self-taught myself how to grown and look after plants and my passion for art shone through with my love for colour. 

After having children it felt right to have a change and I started Lizzy Chambers. Here time spent in the garden with the children and their love for creating inspired me to put the two together. After picking flowers and seeds I wanted something to keep that little memory alive, the glass was perfect for my keepsake jewellery.

Five years later the garden and my collection has changed and grown. I now have private clients that want me to dry their wedding flowers through to keepsakes that they want to treasure and pass to their children. I also work with some beautiful boutique shops and museums.

My inspiration for my collections comes from things that we used to love as children, the simple things, the walk in the park blowing the dandelion seeds, the buttons that Gran always had, the small bits and pieces that Grandpa used to keep in his little metal tin, the old sand egg timer, watching the grains of sand pass through. All these little memories that mean something to us personally.

As a child I always used to pick the flowers from the garden and try and keep them, now I have found a way to keep these. From time to time I still get flowers from my mum’s garden to add to the collection and these ones are always the first to sell out. I suppose mum’s flowers have always been special.

You can find Lizzy on social media at:

Instagram/Twitter @LizzysStudio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LizzesStudio

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