A Wee Bit of Wonderful - Amanda Appiagyei from Upfill

A Wee Bit of Wonderful

Amanda Appiagyei from Upfill

We are honoured and delighted to be able to share our latest Wee Bit of Wonderful business with you.  Amanda Appiagyei is going to be launching a brilliant business concept shortly called Upfill - a marketplace selling cards and gifts created specifically to support people through mental health struggles.  With this week being Mental Health Awareness week it felt like a very appropriate time to let her tell us more about what she is planning :)

positive messages and sunshine

Hey, I'm Amanda, the permanently exhausted business owner behind Upfill, the mental health marketplace. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem, which means you probably know someone who is struggling right now. Talking to friends can really help people feel less alone but even if you’ve been through something similar, it can be hard to know what to say, which means we often say nothing at all. A recent study found that 21% of people would send a card to someone struggling with mental health, compared to 50% if it was a physical health problem. But, 68% of those who live with mental health problems said receiving a gift would make them feel like someone cared. 
We want to help change that. Upfill is a curated marketplace, filled with cards & gifts from small businesses across the UK, making it easy to send someone a little something to show you care. 
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The idea of Upfill came from my own experience of mental health struggles over the past couple of years, and with a design background, I really wanted to use that to create cards & gifts for people who were also struggling. As I knew lots of other creative business owners who also sold wonderful products, I wanted to bring them all together in one place to create a one-stop shop for mental health-related products. The branding for Upfill is fun and bright, with colourful illustrations and quotes so that hopefully it's something that people will want to share to help open up the conversation around mental health. With over 20 small creative businesses signed up already, it's exciting to be starting something which combines my love of design, creative businesses and sharing our mental health! 

It's OK to cry. It's also ok to not cry
What's wonderful about having other small businesses on board who have created these products, is that everyone has their own reasons for creating these positive, encouraging products or coping tools. Inspiration is taken from all over, with lots of our sellers drawing on their own experiences to create their products. We will have gifts for exhausted parents, anxious children, those are feeling body conscious, overwhelmed business owners, and much more. 

We'll be launching later this year, but you can sign up for our Three Things Newsletter, which launches this Monday here: www.upfill.co.uk


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