A Mindful Moment with Calmerrama - Back to Back Breathing

Mindfully Raising the Future

We have been delighted by the preorders for the Scamp x Calmerrama Kindful Cards and have now sent them out to the first customers :)  Hope you are all loving them!

The Kindful Cards will help children to be more mindful and feel more empowered.  Natalie, from Calmerrama Family, has very kindly shared some of her Mindful Moments with us.  Simple exercises for breathing that can be done with our kids!  

Mindfulness for children

Back to Back Breathing

Find a partner and sit on the floor back to back.  Sit tall and close your eyes if you want to.  Decide who will start -  that person begins by inhaling deeply and then exhaling slowly, and then continues to breathe slowly and deeply. Their partner should feel the expansion in their partners back each time they breathe in and then try to sync their own breathing so that both partners are breathing in time together.

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