Island Adventures

So here we are on the Isle of Mull for our Scottish Island Adventure. It is my aim to make Scotland feel as much home to our kids as Leeds and I think I am succeeding so far. Their is a very definite affinity to Scotland and much excitement when we cross the 'border' at the signpost were we all hold hands (well just one of mine as I tend to want to keep the other on the steering wheel) and shout 'SCOTLAND' at the top of our voices . They are very aware of their half Scottishness and are very proud of it. 

Scottish border signpost

We spent Christmas last year in the middle of nowhere in the Highlands where we spent a week watching the weather change out of the big window that looked directly over Loch Linnhe. Atmospehric to say the least and totally mesmerising. Every time you looked the picture was different.

We head to the Isle of Mull next week and I am hoping for more of the same. Well, secretly, really hoping that the weather is a little warmer than at Christmas time but just as mesmerising. Looking forward to checking out the beaches, mountains, colourful houses of Tobermory and the sea. Would love to catch sight of a dolphin or a whale but that may just be too much to ask.

Scamp's new strap line came to Jennifer in the middle of the night and sums up pretty much how we want you to feel about our products but also about how my family and I feel about Scotland. I am going to keep you posted on our trip to Mull so maybe you, too, will fall in love with Scotland as much as us.

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