My favourite place is Scotland ...

Not my words but those of my 9 year old daughter whose thoughts echo mine.

"My favourite place is Scotland - I like Scotland because there is loads of beautiful countryside and the sea is refreshing but cold but in the summer it is usually warm enough to swim in".

It didn't cross my mind that I would still be living South of the border after moving to Leeds almost 16 years ago. I always thought I would end up back somewhere in Scotland and my kids would grow up with a Scottish accent. 

you can take the girl out of scotland wall art

It's not to be, they are settled in their school and they are happy living in Leeds although they do put on an amazing Scottish accent when asked to perform! The Scot's language is somewhat unique and the girls especially love to hear all the unusual words and try to work out what they mean. Their favourite word is bahoochie (bottom) and their favourite saying is aye dinnae ken (I don't know). There are an amazing number of words and sayings that are not heard anywhere else in the UK. So many that my husband (from Derbyshire) is sure that my family and I just make up a new saying whenever he is around so he doesn't understand what we are talking about! Scamp is excited to have used some of those sayings to create a fun but contemporary product suitable to use as a gift for someone else or fer yersel! You can see them all here.

A little quiz for you - what do you think these mean?

Scottish laser cut wall art         Scottish phrase picture gift        alternative new baby picture gift






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