Rebranding Scamp - the story of colour

We've wanted to rebrand Scamp for quite some time as our old logo really wasn't reflecting what the business has become in the last couple of years and what we want it to be like in the future.  The original logo was created based around a product range we created right at the start of our business life and one we no longer make so really was feeling pretty obsolete!

It took us a bit of time to formulate in our minds what we wanted the new branding to represent so it was only as New Year and 2016 came around that we were in a position to start looking at the changes we wanted.  We asked our designer to help create a new identity for Scamp which showed our fresh, modern, playful personality and added in a hint of our roots (Scottishness!) and a nod to the fact that we have some rather lovely things in store for you to buy!  Not much of an ask then!  Added to that we also wanted to make sure our colours were contemporary and colourful ...

I had been looking through How to Style Your Brand (a very interesting read by Fiona Humberstone) and one of the aspects that really fascinated me was finding a season that you felt reflected the mood of your brand.  I had a whole lot of fun creating a Pinterest board recently trying to think about Scamp's new colour palette.  It is overwhelmingly 'autumnal' but at the brighter end of the spectrum ... and with some of my favourite Indian colours creeping through as well!  So, hello to a new shade of red, teal blues, oranges and deep pinks - we are delighted to welcome you into the wonderful world of Scamp!


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