(Say it with) Everlasting Flowers

I'm sure you won't need to be reminded but it's coming close to that very famous flower giving time of year, Valentine's Day.  I can't say I've ever received many bunches of red roses from my husband and as lovely as it would be to get some real flowers I am rather partial to the idea of something that lasts a bit longer.  We came up with our concept of wooden laser cut flowers at Scamp to be able to give something as a gift that will last.  Our alternative floral gifts really won't wither away after a week and will look lovely in a vase on your mantlepiece or bedside table for as long as you want them to!

Lots of pairs of tulips and daisies have been winging their way across the country these past few weeks for Valentine's Day but they have also been very popular as fifth wedding anniversary presents for the whole year.  Being a wood anniversary they've been perfect!

If you can take or leave Valentine's day (I've got to say I would happily do this!) but still love the idea of flowers then I think you might like what we have in store for Mother's Day!  Sharing the floral love with your mum ... who needs red roses eh?!


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