Dot to Dot London - fellow exhibitor Carly from Braveling talks shop with We Are Scamp

We Are Scamp will be taking part in Dot to Dot London on 21st and 22nd June.  It's our first foray into trade shows specifically aimed at the children's market so we thought we should speak to one of the show veterans - Carly, from the the fabulous Braveling team (the home of the coolest tights aimed at boys) - to answer some of our questions!

I only wish that Braveling was around when my little boy (now 7) was a baby.  I’m sure he had very cold legs a lot of the winter time!  What is the Braveling story and the inspiration behind the brand?

It was my son Kit. I couldn't find any cool tights for him when he was a baby, so I set about designing some myself (and so the Little Titans range was born). I wanted to do something a bit different though, to come up with designs that feed the imagination. Our Little Hero and Wild Thing designs are still two of our most popular.  I had no idea they would be such a hit!

This is Scamp's first time exhibiting at Dot to Dot - can you tell us what to expect from what sounds like a really fun show to be part of?

It's such a great show, you will love it! All the brands exhibiting share a real passion for design. I think it's also fair to say that Dot to Dot offers something quite special over other trade shows: it is an intimate event that gives visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to share ideas. 

A word of warning though, you'll feel like a kid in a sweet shop! There are so many beautiful pieces and products, though thankfully most aren't available until the following season, so your bank balance is safe.... for a while.

Where do you find inspiration when it comes to designing your pieces?

Oh, everywhere! Everyday sights, the things our children say, the way they play, film, theatre, books. Sophie and I work on the designs together - it's much more fun that way. For true creativity, look to your children though. Their creativity is totally unbridled. I will often get my daughter Matilda to come up with ideas and there's always a winner in there somewhere. You have to work hard not to lose that creative ability as you grow up.

What do you love most about what you do? 

I find the creative side of the business incredibly rewarding, in particular seeing our designs make it from paper to production. 

What is next for Braveling?

Our hero product is tights and we want to keep the focus on producing beautiful legwear, using European manufacturers who care deeply about quality and sustainability. We are exploring some new products... but you'll have to wait for Dot to Dot to find out more!

As a fellow London dwelling mum I’d love to know what are your favourite things about living in London with kids?

The people. I love the people in London: the diversity of people, their creativity. If you have an interest or a passion you can easily find others that share it. And I find that amazing for the kids growing up here. As a kid, I remember after-school clubs consisting of Brownies and Ballet with not much else on offer. Kit and Matilda seem to have so many other options and a real opportunity to try out different things, discover their passions and ultimately who they are.

A perfect day includes?

Oh, the simple things. Lazy start with the papers, big breakfast, then a walk across the Heath to Greenwich to meet with friends. And always a film in the evening. We are complete film nuts. But a book at bedtime too.  


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