Great Father's Day Gift ideas!

We do love Pinterest here at Scamp so when I was putting together our latest board about things that would be lovely to be given or made for Father's day I was amazed at the variety of products on offer.  I've found a lot of cool ideas for gifts for Father's Day as well as adding quite a lot of pins which will give you ideas for crafty hand made father's day cards and presents for children to get involved in making!  My sisters and I spent many days crafting away (normally following the latest Blue Peter tutorial!) and making gifts for our mum and dad and each other when we were younger and I know they are the ones that mum has still got somewhere in our family house!

The other very thoughtful type of present for your dad is something that can be personalised - many of the presents I've chosen for the board can be.  Scamp has some unusual personalised father's day keyrings as well as a fan 'tache' tic wooden moustache bookmark but there are so many great products to choose from. 



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