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No my dear husband I am not planning on another wedding or marriage but I have loved getting inspiration from our most recent pinterest board creation!  Woodland weddings, natural wedding or a rustic weddings really are beautiful - if only I hadn't got married in Scotland in March maybe it is something I would have considered back in 2004!  The flowers, the foliage, the wood, the rusticness all have a beauty and aesthetic that I really love - nothing is quite perfect but that's nature, isn't it?

As Scamp gets more and more excited by the possibilities of wood and the laser cutter we've begun to embrace this world of boutique weddings (in a small but perfectly formed kind of a way!).  We started a couple of years ago with one of our bookmarks being a lovely idea as a thank you gift for bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys.  Lots of you have bought these as little thank you tokens for those who have helped make a wedding day special and now we also have a bunch of (wooden) tulips that are for the same purpose!


This year saw us launch a collection of wooden flowers - both large and small, in bunches or as single stems - which make really pretty wedding favours or thank you gifts.  Roses, Tulips and Daisies can now be personalised and used as name settings or just as the wedding favour on it's own helping style your day perfectly!


and if flowers aren't your thing but you still love the idea of wooden favours then we have a pretty cool range of others!  The hashtag# is a favourite :)

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