Inspired by London ... a fabulous guest Post from Toby Boo ..

We are so delighted that Tina Crawford, of Thread Drawn by Tobyboo, has created a guest post for us this week.  We've been lucky to have crossed paths many times meeting in both our early business years at various designer/maker fairs, through to sharing the same mentors and most recently sitting together in the lovely gift shop at St Paul's Cathedral!  Tina's beautiful and delicate pieces all start as a stitched picture (free stitched, no pre drawn markings are followed which is quite amazing - have a look at this clip to see how she does it!) and end up on china, fabric and most recently as cards in some of our best known museums and galleries.  She mainly works to commission creating these bespoke pieces for lots of London clients as well as many others around the country.  As it's all about exploring the capital for Scamp at the moment (with half term being spent here ) we thought sharing Tina's passion for London and why the city inspires her and her work would be a fascinating read for all of you!
Inspired by London ... Tina Crawford
I won't lie I'm hugely inspired by London for so many reasons but mainly because I'm lazy. I've been surrounded by London all my life, I've taken it for granted, seen it as a treat and sometimes used it as a tourist but it's the easiest place to be inspired by. My first collection designed in 2009, Oranges and Lemons, bought to life the capitals churches in the song. 

London to me is a huge marriage of old, new traditional and contemporary and the place itself is reflected in the people that live here. I was born in Croydon but from the moment I could get a train on my own (I was 11) I used to wander Kings Road, I went to Central St Martins in Holborn and following worked all my jobs within the tube map; so you see - if that isn't lazy designing I don't know what is! It's got the easiest iconic buildings to work around, the easiest history and the easiest culture to work with. Trying to come up with new, original work that a different story!  I've been lucky enough to supply two of my favourite places within a stones throw of each other and Bow Bells; St Paul's Cathedral and The Museum of London both with very different products and designs. 
Just like London, if you're designing you need to evolve, nothing stays still here and I try to reflect that. As much as I like seeing other places and visiting parts of the country I don't think I could ever live anywhere but here, it's a beautiful city, a huge one mixed with a sample of everyone from around the world so there is no London stereotype - what is a Londoner? I've still not been to all the places that are on my list to visit but so far my favourite places to go are; Southbank, I love walking by the river, favourite museums, too hard to answer; Grant Museum of Zoology, John Soane, Hunterian Museum so far. I adore seeing Tower Bridge and Greenwich where I never feel like I'm in London at all. 
Piece for Drawing the City of London 10 x 10 auction, based on Cannon Street. Taking a small section said it all, a beautiful Georgian house, modern shiny lines, cranes, digging for the old and of course a church spire looking over it all. London thriving for new but always looking to it's past, did I just make that line up - it sounds like a poster tag line!

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