Laser Quest


Well it’s 5 months since we took the plunge and bought the laser cutter for We Are Scamp so we thought we would share with you a bit about how it has helped us create a whole new range of laser cut loveliness especially for all of you!

It’s fair to say it has been well worth the outlay and has been whirring away, in its rather noisy fashion, pretty consistently since day one.  Buying the machine has allowed us so much more freedom in what we can design and create for our customers which has no doubt helped sell more of these products.  Being able to offer a much broader range of laser cut products has been a big benefit of having our own laser cutter. 

Up until we bought the machine we were paying an hourly rate at a local workshop to use their one. This meant always being under pressure to produce the products as quickly as possible to maximise what could be done in that time. This could often be rather frustrating as laser cutters tend to have, on occasion, (actually on many occasions in our experience), a mind of their own!  A build up of dust on the lens or a piece of wood that’s got knots or knolls in it would slow down production rate as you’d have to start cutting that piece of wood again because items wouldn’t come out cleanly enough to be able to sent to customers.  This could sometimes mean 20 to 30 minutes of time wasted. 

Not only this but we felt it hampered any creation of new products because the clock was always ticking. If you forgot to put a little hole in the product to hang the decoration, or the hole was too small or too big you had to start all over again – tick tock tick tock. Now this may only mean a few minutes but it all was a cost to us. The great thing is that now we have our own machine and don’t have that time constraint we have now been able to price our products more competitively which we definitely feel much happier about.

The other fantastic thing about having our own laser cutter is that we can cut at any time of the day or night  should we wish too (although the surrounding neighbours may not like that!!).  This means the juggling of kids and school and playgroup drop offs and pick ups isn’t so stressful anymore as we can stop and start working with the machine whenever it suits. 

It’s fair to say that we love laser cutting - the noise, the smell of the charring wood and the little ‘pop’ when the product falls out onto the honeycomb bed is so satisfying, particularly when it’s a new product. Seeing something that has gone from a small idea through to being designed and then actually coming out as a completely real 3 dimensional product is really exciting!  Hope you have been enjoying the We Are Scamp journey into the heart of laser cutter land and are loving the products we are coming up with as much as we do!



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