January (no) blues

I think that beginning 2015 by leaping into (well, actually tentatively putting myself in the water of Hampstead Ponds) has given me an invigorating start to this year!  It may have only been a mighty 4 degrees warm but it has kick started this month rather nicely!

Post new year and at the tail end of the Christmas holiday we spent a very happy couple of days in Bath ... beautiful city and beautiful weather.  I seem to find days away from the computer in unfamiliar places are very inspiring.  I came home full of the joys of the west country, fresh air and having some time to think.

Work wise January couldn't have got off to a better start - lots of people enjoying our sales but more excitingly we got our first new stockist of 2015.  The really gorgeous Anchor + Hope - a shop brimming full of tastefulness in Mile End.  Lots of pre loved maternity wear and now branching into baby gifts and baby wear ... so, Scamp and our London buses, Clouds and mobiles have entered East London!  Hooray ...


Recognise anything from the picture below?  We landed at the Making of Harry Potter studio tour a couple of weeks ago .. a belated birthday present for Ava but a gift that gave something to the entire family!  Even as a relatively badly read and watched Harry Potter person I totally enjoyed immersing myself into a wizarding world.  The rest of the clan have been addicted to the books and films so for them seeing the sets, special effects, clothing, props and monsters was even better.  The kids managed to ride on a broomstick each thanks to the world of visual effects which made their day. Utterly recommend a day there if you are ever in the Watford vicinity.  One word of warning ... the shop is big, has many things children want and isn't very cheap ... beware of the wands!  We are now the *proud owners* of Ron Weasley's!



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