Laser Cutting Loveliness

some of the 'organised' chaos whilst laser cutting!

if you've followed Scamp over the past couple of years you will see that we are now doing lots of wooden laser cut products.  It's been an exciting time working out new ideas, developing products we already have and looking at different ways we can have the Scamp look and feel but on wooden products.  Our latest range of cloud based (and I'm not talking iCloud here!) hanging decorations are some of our favourites!

We are super excited that as of two weeks ago rather than using a workshop with a laser cutter we are now the owners of our very own machine!  This will give us way more time to experiment with new images, mean we can deliver things much more quickly to you and keep on coming up with new designs for our range.  How exciting!

Christmas is bringing a couple of rather festive designs your way so look out for our family of snow foxes and robins. One can be made for every member of your clan (or you can buy them on their own too!  They can be bought here





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