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A lot of my working day is spent sitting down behind a computer or packing orders or working out new ways to get the word out about Scamp and not so much time out in the fresh air.  But, this weekend I managed a double whammy of summer fairs and outsideness which was fun.  I don't tend to take part in too many events during the year except in the lead up to Christmas but I reckoned doing a couple in July might be a nice way to take Scamp on the road for a short holiday break from the studio!  Saturday saw me in Parsons Green and Sunday I was down south of the river on Northcote Road.

I took quite a few pictures this weekend so thought it might be interesting to show you a 'day in the life of ...' me with my market trading hat on.  Pre the event it tends to involve lots of sorting, packing, sign making, float getting and a bit of stressing about how to fit everything in the car and where I need to go - plus making the obligatory packed lunch and flask of tea!  Once I'm at the fair though it is usually  a little bit more plain sailing.  I have a rhythm now of getting sorted - tablecloth out, washing line up, boxes on the table, signage up then clothes pegging lots of baby wear tends to be the start of the mission.  Once it's all out the final piece of getting ready is making sure everything is priced ... so all good to go and "hello customers ...."

My view from behind the stall ... the upside down bibs look!

Our London bus range is consistently the best seller at any market I do in London. Loved by Londoners but also by those sending presents over to London lovers abroad!

People watching is also another fun component to a day at a stall.  In the quieter moments looking around at everyone at the event is often rather interesting!  I loved this lady and her pull along dog bed.  A very regal looking pup being pulled through the green!  Reminded me of the go karts I used to help a friend make when I was little.

some more people watching took me to this stilt walker ... VERY long leg yet oh so tiny feet!

some might say too much focus of the day involves me thinking about a tasty snack to have in the middle of the afternoon.  I thought I'd won the jackpot at Parsons Green when I spotted the WI stall opposite selling rocky road!

Now, this isn't the best shot of me or the stand but I very rarely have one that features me 'minding the shop' so to speak!  A lovely photographer was next to me and she had a rather snazzy Fuji camera that seemed to be a modern day version of a polaroid.  She snapped this shot and gave me the little photo as a souvenir of the day.



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