Homeward Bound - A Scottish half term adventure

May Half Term has been and gone and with it a lovely trip up north to Scotland.  Whilst it may have rained until it could rain no more in London the weather was a lot kinder to us in the mother land (for once I might add!)

We managed famous five style adventures up at Loch Lomond - cousins, boats, islands, sone skimming, fishing, picnics and tramping through woods.


Followed on by a trip further south of Scotland to my old stomping ground - Dumfries and Galloway. An area of real natural beauty but one which seems somewhat missed out on by the hoards of tourists who go straight to the north of the country.


Anyway, enough banging the drum about where I'm from … the pictures should speak for themselves.  A beautiful day for another adventure with gran and gramps as we headed towards my favourite childhood beach with a further walk along the sand, over some gates, up some rocks, over some farm fields and down a cliff side to the gorgeous Castle Point beach.  First time with the kids as it is slightly precarious with littlies in tow but well worth it as the photos should show.


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