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I turned 40 last year and with it spent my first day as a member of the National Trust at Cliveden House in Berkshire.  It was beautiful and really a great way to spend time outside, out of London and with the family 'switching the TV off and doing something less boring instead' (does anyone remember Why Don't You? a tv show from my youth!)  As a twenty something gal about London I don't think I would have ever considered joining the National Trust but here I am, mum of two and entering my 40s and it feels the right time to have joined!

We spent Mother's Day at Hughenden House in High Wycombe - exploration of rooms dedicated to the Second World War were met with fascination by my two kids.  Morse code machines, maps, evacuee stories, old fashioned telephones and typewriters opened their eyes to things of the past and the Eye Spy card that came as we entered the house engaged them way more than us attempting to describe what was going on in the rooms would ever manage to.

Outside brought the wonders of a walled vegetable garden and the opportunity to water the many plants, more tree trunks and sticks to play Jedi Knights and Star Wars with and rivers to race twigs down stream.  What's not to love?

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