#photoaday2014 - a few days on Instagram from this week

I have set myself a bit of a challenge this year - trying to take an (interesting!) photo every day and post it on Instagram.    The photos are really a reflection of things I've been doing in a day, things the kids love, things I like, places we've been and anything in between I guess.  Here are a few from this week for your viewing pleasure with my excerpt of text!

1. Look what arrived in the post today - a present to myself - my very own @littlepopstudio bat boy and bat girl 

2. My little dude enjoy his first ice cream of the year when it has actually been warm enough (and dry enough) to be bought one! 

3.Red shoes are one of my favourite things in my wardrobe. I have quite a few pairs but it was a joyful day today when the weather was warm enough to get these shimmy shiny beauties on

4. Bike & scooter mayhem as nearly half the kids school comes in this week on two wheels as part of the #bigpedal competition

5. Today Jonah decided to *acquire* some daffodils from the park we were in not quite understanding the unspoken rules about picking wild flowers!




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