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It's all been pretty exciting so far at the Scamp Studios in 2014.  New website, (slightly) new name and new products all being developed and thought about.

The new website is exciting for us in many way - the main one being that we can now change, amend or create anything we want and need ourselves rather than needing to ask a designer/html person to do it for us.  Lots of frustration with our previous website when we've not been able to make what seem like simple changes by ourselves.  Now, that problem is no longer!

Our slightly different name is something we are really pleased about as well.  We are still the same sisters and the same shop as we were with Scamp Baby Gifts but now called instead.  With the introduction of our laser cut products we realised it isn't just people buying for babies on our website any more so wanted to have a name that reflected this.  

With the new website and the new year brings new ideas and new designs to the shop ... ready to launch super soon you'll be meeting some new screen printed animals and we'll be taking our laser cutting into new territories as well.

here's to more thrills and spills for the rest of 2014! 

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