Ice skating queen

When Ava was six she had a birthday party on ice at Somerset House ice rink.  Learning to skate involved much falling over and clinging on for dear life to a 'penguin' to keep her and her friends stabilised although by the end of the half hour session they all could just about wobble on their own!  She loved that party so much that this year, for her 8th birthday, she is doing ice skating all over again.  Given no ice skating has taken place in between I'm not sure how much better her skills will be - she needs to see how proper ice skaters do it!

So, it is with great fortune we  have been lucky enough to be sent a set of family tickets to see how the professionals manage to look so graceful on ice!  Very excitingly we will all be going to Disney on Ice at the O2 arena in January.  Dare to Dream is going to be a Disney filled extravaganza with  Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey Mouse et al showing us how to really do it ... I very much doubt there will be a stabilising penguin in sight at this event!  On from the 27th December until 5th January - a post christmas wintery treat for the family.

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