Scotland you're beautiful

streams through the woods - you're beautiful[/caption]

woodland walks - you're beautiful

Autumn leaves colours - you're beautiful

Beaches - you're beautiful

the sea air - you're beautiful

Glasgow Architecture - You're Beautiful

I have a book that I love called London, You're Beautiful - illustrations of a London I know very well as the artist lives in mu old neighbourhood of Camden His drawings have captured the essence of the city I live in and Camden in particular.

I am not trying to say that the few pictures I have put on this blog post will stand up in any way to those illustrations, merely that I love the title of the book and I have unashamedly stolen it for the name of this post!

We spent a glorious half term week in my home town in the south west of Scotland for the majority of the time followed by a couple of Glasgow days at the end. My photos are a mere snapshot of what we did (and what I love about visiting home) but I hope you enjoy them and that it might make you want to cross the border into my homeland one day ... if you haven't aren't there or haven't visited it already!

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