Anchors away ... ships ahoy ... and lots of watery adventures

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Cousins visiting from Scotland but an abysmal forecast for last weekend meant a lot of googling and rooting around trying to find an undercover activity, but not one that might see the majority of the under 10 population of London in it that same day!  I struck lucky ... Clipper boats took us from Embankment all the way down to Greenwich - cue much boat related excitement as we passed under bridges, next to speeding crafts and saw big ben and the London eye (winner number 1!) then on to the really rather beautiful Maritime Museum in Greenwich.  Not being a particular boat/sea person it's not somewhere that has been on my radar of places to visit ever.  However, it's vicinity to the water (and therefore not much of a wet dash from ship to shore) and having a transport loving couple of boys in tow it seemed the perfect solution to my weekend dilemma.  We passed the relatively recently redone Cutty Sark and did what any self respecting member of my family would do (peered into it from outside but did not go in as you had to pay for it!) then raced along the roadside to get into the museum itself.  I am now very happy to reassess my initial mmmhhh of the museum and add it to my list of London's kid friendly gems ...  and it's free too :)

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