hello blog ... it's been a long time

I am rather shamefully coming back to the blog a number of months since I left it ... I'm not sure what happened but life seemed to take over blog writing, that and busy times with Scamp after the Trade Show we took part in in May.  No great excuses but the longer I left it the harder it seemed to go back to writing something again.  So ... I'm back, probably not with a picture a day but there will be a number of pictures over time with the usual mix of things I like, things the kids like, things that Scamp likes and therefore things I hope you like too!

Oh, and the bunting, that was my birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago ... a tea party in our local park bandstand with friends and their kids devouring scones, chocolate brownies and cups of tea and dressing up

[caption id="attachment_2946" align="aligncenter" width="500"] from the dress up Photo Booth!

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