Pastures (Slightly) New 6th March 2013

Having lived in NW1 most of my London life I was very used to what you could walk to from home and spent lots of hours (particularly with babes in buggies) hitting the pavements of Camden and around.  Now, we've not moved that far from NW1, but I'm not so sure what is around this neck of the woods and decided to take a morning to explore.  I was rather pleased to find that Portobello Road is within easy(ish) distance from the house so had a window gaze around that area for the first time in ages. I was rather taken by the Biscuiteers window - not quite in this picture but a full on Buckingham Palace gingerbread house adorned the main window and this side one had too many tempting treats.  glad I had no cash in my pocket

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