the remnants of autumn 4th March 2013

it was another school 'dig day' at the weekend and whilst *helping* tidy things up Jonah spotted a couple of conkers ... not quite the right season but he pocketed them nonetheless and asked me what would be good to do with them.  I told him that when I was little people used to string them together and have conker fights in the playground.  The thought of having a 'conker battle' was all too much for Jonah and at least once an hour for the last 48 he has been asking me to create the perfect weapon so he could play like mummy used to "in the olden days" - ha ha!  I relented this evening ... I believe there are many conker tactics that can be used by those champions amongst us (ahemmm, Mr P) - pickling/baking/freezing but I thought I would break Jonah in gently with the real deal.

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